Etsy Jewelry Necklaces: Find the Best Deals and Style (2023)

Are you in search of unique and trendsetting necklaces to complement your outfits? Then you might want to check out Etsy jewelry necklaces!

Etsy is an online marketplace that presents a vast collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. You can find artisans and designers who create beautiful necklaces with various materials, from gold and silver to gems and beads.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Etsy jewelry necklaces and explore the best deals and styles available for you in 2023. Read on and discover how you can add a touch of sophistication to your fashion statement!



Are you searching for a unique and stylish jewelry necklace to add to your collection? Look no further than Etsy! With thousands of sellers offering handmade, personalized, and vintage pieces in all sorts of styles and materials, Etsy is a treasure trove for anyone looking for the perfect accessory.

Keep reading to learn why Etsy is the ultimate destination for jewelry necklaces and discover some of the top pieces available now.

Why Etsy is a great place to find jewelry necklaces

Etsy is a marketplace that connects buyers directly with independent sellers. This means that when you shop on Etsy, you’re supporting small businesses and artists around the world.

Moreover, because the platform is global, you can find unique and authentic pieces from all sorts of cultures and styles that you might not otherwise be able to access locally. When it comes to jewelry necklaces specifically, Etsy has a massive selection.

Whether you’re looking for dainty minimalism, statement pieces, or anything in between, you’re sure to find a necklace that suits your style. Best of all, many pieces are customizable, so you can work with the seller to design a truly one-of-a-kind accessory.

Women etsy jewelry necklaces

Etsy has thousands of women’s jewelry necklaces to choose from, ranging from delicate and feminine to bold and eye-catching. Some popular options include layered chain necklaces, minimalist pendants, and chunky beaded designs.

For a boho vibe, try a piece featuring natural materials like driftwood or semi-precious stones.

Vintage etsy jewelry necklaces

If you’re a fan of vintage style, Etsy is a goldmine. The marketplace has a huge selection of vintage jewelry necklaces spanning decades of design, from Art Deco styles to ’90s grunge.

Whether you’re looking for a classic pearl necklace or a statement choker, there’s sure to be a vintage piece that catches your eye.

Men etsy jewelry necklaces

Etsy isn’t just for women’s jewelry necklaces; there are plenty of options for men as well. Some popular men’s styles include leather cord necklaces, stainless steel pendants, and natural stone beads. For a more unique look, try a necklace featuring an antique key or other vintage object.

Silver etsy jewelry necklaces

For a classic and versatile piece of jewelry, consider a silver necklace from Etsy. Many sellers offer beautiful handmade designs in a variety of styles, from delicate chains to chunky pendants.

You can even find silver necklaces featuring intricate wirework or colorful gemstones for a more personalized touch.

Gold etsy jewelry necklaces

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, a gold necklace from Etsy might be just the ticket. In addition to classic gold chains and pendants, you can find unique designs featuring textured finishes, bohemian tassels, and sparkling gemstones.

Some sellers even offer custom engraving options for a truly special piece.

Top Etsy Jewelry Necklaces

Now that we’ve explored some of the different types of jewelry necklaces available on Etsy, let’s take a look at some of the top pieces currently on offer.

Handmade necklaces

One of the things that makes Etsy so special is the abundance of handmade pieces available on the platform.

Some standout handmade jewelry necklaces currently available on Etsy include minimalist wirework designs by seller LoveLilyandChloe, boho tassel necklaces by seller ElunaJewelry, and personalized initial necklaces by seller LayeringAndLuxe.

Personalized necklaces

There’s no better way to make a piece of jewelry truly your own than by adding a personalized touch. On Etsy, you can find countless sellers offering customized jewelry necklaces. Some of the top options include the dainty initial necklaces by seller GracePersonalized, the family tree pendant necklaces by seller MignonandMignon, and the coordinates bar necklaces by seller MignonandMignon.

Vintage necklaces

If you want to add an instant air of history and charm to your wardrobe, consider a vintage necklace from Etsy.

Some of the most popular vintage jewelry necklaces currently for sale include the Art Deco style necklaces by seller LisbethJewelry, the ’90s grunge choker necklaces by seller PopsyVintage, and the celestial-themed pendant necklaces by seller TheBlackenedTeapot.

Statement necklaces

When you really want to make a statement with your jewelry, a statement necklace is the way to go. Some of the top statement jewelry necklaces currently for sale on Etsy include the boho layered necklaces by seller Julesjewelrydesigns, the chunky gemstone chokers by seller tangerinejewelryshop, and the leather tassel necklaces by seller TheOddBouquet.

With so many amazing options to choose from, it’s clear that Etsy is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for a unique and stylish jewelry necklace.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or as a gift, you’re sure to find something special on this platform.

Factors to Consider When Buying Etsy Jewelry Necklaces

Etsy is an online marketplace that is well known for its extensive collection of handmade and vintage jewelry. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right necklace to match your style and budget.

To make your Etsy jewelry necklace shopping experience easier, we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider before making your purchase.


The first thing to consider when buying an Etsy jewelry necklace is the material it’s made of. The most common materials used for necklaces are gold, silver, and platinum.

However, Etsy offers a wide range of unique materials like ceramic, wood, and glass. If you’re allergic to certain metals, make sure to check the product description and confirm that the necklace is hypoallergenic or made of a material you’re comfortable wearing.


Price is another important factor to consider when buying an Etsy jewelry necklace. While Etsy offers a variety of handmade and unique necklaces, they can be priced higher than what you would find at a retail store. To find the best deals, filter your search results by price.

Etsy also offers a “Sale” section where you can find discounted items. Keep in mind that the price of the necklace may vary depending on the material, craftsmanship, and size.

Reviews and ratings

Before making a purchase, check the reviews and ratings on the seller’s page. This will give you an idea of the quality of the necklace and the seller’s overall performance.

If a seller has a lot of positive reviews, that’s a good indication that they are reliable and produce high-quality necklaces.

Be sure to read the comments to get a better understanding of customers’ experiences with the seller.

Shipping and delivery time

When buying an Etsy jewelry necklace, you should also consider the shipping and delivery time. While most sellers offer free shipping, some may charge an additional fee. To avoid any surprises, check the estimated delivery time and make sure it works with your schedule.

Some sellers may also offer expedited shipping options for an additional fee.

How to Style Etsy Jewelry Necklaces

Once you’ve found the perfect Etsy jewelry necklace, it’s time to style it. Necklaces can make a statement on their own or they can be paired with other jewelry for a layered effect.

Layering necklaces

Layering necklaces is a popular trend that allows you to wear multiple necklaces at once. When layering, it’s important to choose necklaces with varying lengths and styles.

For example, you can pair a delicate charm necklace with a chunky chain necklace.

Matching necklaces with outfits

When choosing a necklace to match your outfit, consider the neckline of your shirt or dress. A necklace with a pendant or a statement necklace would pair well with a simple and plain neckline.

Whereas, a delicate necklace would be perfect for a deep and plunging neckline.

Mixing and matching necklaces

Mixing and matching necklaces is a fun and creative way to style your jewelry. You can mix gold and silver necklaces or pair a simple chain necklace with a colorful beaded necklace. The possibilities are endless!

Accessorizing with other jewelry

Accessorizing with other jewelry is another way to complete your look. Pairing your necklace with matching earrings or bracelets can add an extra touch of elegance. Just be careful not to over-accessorize.

In conclusion, Etsy is a great place to find unique and handmade jewelry necklaces. By considering the material, price, reviews and shipping time, you can make an informed purchase.

And once you’ve found the perfect necklace, have fun styling it to complete your FASHION STATEMENT.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Etsy

If you are looking for unique and affordable jewelry, Etsy is the place to go. With thousands of sellers offering handmade and vintage items, you are sure to find something to suit your style and budget.

Here are some tips to help you get the best deals on Etsy:

Using Etsy coupons and promo codes

One of the easiest ways to save money on Etsy is by using coupons and promo codes. Many sellers offer discount codes that you can apply at checkout to get a percentage off your purchase or free shipping.

You can find these codes by searching on Google or by following your favorite sellers on social media.

Shopping during sales events

Another way to save money on Etsy is by shopping during sales events. Many sellers offer discounts during major shopping holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

You can also check Etsy’s homepage for announcements on upcoming sales events.

Browsing the On Sale section

If you’re looking for discounted items, don’t forget to browse Etsy’s On Sale section. This section features items that are on sale and can often be found at a discounted price.

You can filter your search by price range to find items that fit your budget.

Negotiating with sellers

It’s worth reaching out to a seller to see if they are willing to negotiate on the price of an item.

Some sellers may be open to bargaining, especially if you are interested in purchasing multiple items from their shop.


How to find real jewelry on Etsy?

When it comes to shopping for jewelry on Etsy, it’s important to do your research. Look for sellers with good reviews and high-quality photos.

You can also filter your search by location and shipping time to find sellers who are reliable and trustworthy.

Does Etsy sell jewelry?

Yes, Etsy is a popular platform for selling handmade jewelry. With thousands of sellers offering unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, you are sure to find something that suits your style and budget.

How long is a long necklace?

The length of a long necklace can vary depending on the style and personal preference. Generally, a long necklace falls anywhere from 24 to 36 inches in length.

However, it’s important to check the product description for the specific length of the necklace you are interested in.