Apple Gift Card Scams: How to Protect Yourself from Fraudsters (2023)

Apple Gift Card Scams have been on the rise in recent years, and it’s important to protect yourself from fraudsters who are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

In this blogpost, you’ll learn about some of the most common Apple Gift Card Scams, how to spot them, and what you can do to protect yourself from falling victim to these scams.

Whether you’re a frequent Apple Gift Card user or just getting started, this blogpost is a must-read to keep you safe and informed.

So, let’s dive in and learn how to protect ourselves from these scams!


What are Apple Gift Card Scams?

Apple gift card scams are a type of online fraud where scammers trick people into giving away their Apple gift card codes. They often claim there is a problem with the victim’s account or device, and they need to pay a fee or provide the code to resolve the issue.

Gift card scams are becoming increasingly common, and the $100 apple gift card scam is one of the most popular types. Fraudsters often target Apple users, including those who have recently purchased Apple products or services.

Why are they happening?

Apple card scams are happening due to the rise of technology and the increasing use of gift cards. Gift cards are a convenient and popular way of gifting money, but they also make it easy for scammers to hide their tracks and launder their ill-gotten money.

Moreover, gift cards are untraceable once they’ve been redeemed, making them an attractive target for fraudsters. They can sell the cards on the dark web or use them to purchase expensive electronics or other high-value goods.

How to avoid being a victim of these scams

  • Be cautious of any unsolicited emails or messages requesting your gift card code or personal information
  • Don’t click on links or download attachments from unknown sources
  • Always confirm the legitimacy of any requests through official channels, such as contacting Apple’s customer support or visiting their official website
  • Never pay a fee or give out your gift card code to anyone claiming to be an Apple representative unless you have confirmed it is legitimate
  • Use secure payment methods when purchasing gift cards from third-party sellers or resellers

How Do Gift Card Scams Work?

The Basics of the Scam

The basic premise of a gift card scam is to trick the victim into giving away their gift card code under false pretenses. The fraudster may impersonate an Apple representative or claim to be from a company that partners with Apple to provide gift card refunds or other services.

They may also create fake websites or emails that mimic Apple’s official branding to make the victim believe that they are dealing with a legitimate source.

Tactics Used by Fraudsters

Fraudsters use a variety of tactics to lure victims into giving away their gift card codes. One common tactic is to create a sense of urgency or fear, such as claiming that the victim’s Apple account is at risk or that there has been a security breach.

They may also promise a reward or incentive for providing the code, like a refund or a chance to win a prize.

In some cases, the scammer may ask for additional personal information, such as a credit card number or social security number. This information can then be used for identity theft or other illegal activities.

Real-Life Examples of Gift Card Scams

There have been many reported cases of Apple gift card scams in recent years. For example, some victims have received emails claiming that their Apple ID has been locked and requesting payment to unlock it. Others have been contacted by phone and asked to provide their gift card codes to receive a refund or other benefits.

In one particularly egregious case, a California man lost $200,000 to a gift card scammer who claimed to be an Apple representative. The victim was told that his computer had been hacked and that he needed to purchase Apple gift cards to fix the issue.

The scammer then convinced the victim to read the gift card codes over the phone, allowing them to redeem the cards and steal the funds.

It’s essential to be aware of these scams and take steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Why Would a Scammer Want iTunes Cards?

As technology advances, scammers are finding new and innovative ways to steal money from unsuspecting victims. One of the latest trends in scams is the use of Apple gift cards. But why would a scammer target these gift cards? There are a few reasons.

Money Laundering

One of the top reasons scammers want Apple gift cards is for money laundering purposes. By using Apple gift cards, they can easily disguise the funds they are transferring. These gift cards can be sold on the black market for cash, and the money can then be deposited into a bank account or used for other illegal activities.

Ease of Transaction

Another reason scammers target Apple gift cards is due to their ease of transaction. The scammers can quickly purchase the gift cards online or in stores, and then redeem them for cash or other items. This makes it an attractive option for scammers who want to get their hands on money quickly.

Difficulty in Tracing Funds

Finally, scammers target Apple gift cards because they are difficult to trace. Once the gift cards are purchased, there is no way to know where they will be redeemed or how the funds will be used. This makes it nearly impossible for authorities to track the money or find the scammers responsible.

Protecting Yourself from Apple Gift Card Scams

Now that you know why scammers want Apple gift cards, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from falling victim to their scams. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Verification of Contact

Always verify the contact before giving out any information or sending money. Scammers will often pose as legitimate Apple representatives and request gift card payments for supposed tech support or other services. Make sure the contact is authentic and do not provide any payment until you have verified their identity.

Avoiding Suspicious Emails and Phone Calls

Be wary of any suspicious emails or phone calls asking for gift card payments. Apple will not contact you requesting payment through gift cards, so any such communication should be treated with suspicion.

If you receive such an email or phone call, delete it immediately and do not share any personal or financial information.

Reporting Fraudulent Activity

Finally, if you believe you have fallen victim to an Apple gift card scam, it’s important to report it immediately. Contact Apple’s gift card fraud department and report any fraudulent activity you have experienced. They can help you determine the best course of action and may be able to provide assistance with recovering lost funds.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from falling victim to Apple gift card scams. Remember, scammers are always looking for new ways to steal money, so stay informed and stay vigilant.

Fake Apple Gift Card Codes and How to Spot Them

Gift cards are a popular way to make shopping more convenient. Unfortunately, gift card scams are also on the rise. Apple gift card scams, in particular, have become increasingly common.

Scammers try to tempt customers with the promise of a $100 Apple gift card or an iTunes gift card, but in reality, these are not authentic Apple gift cards. It is important to know how to identify a scam so that you can protect yourself from fraudsters.

Common Examples of Fake Codes

Scammers have become quite creative in coming up with ways to deceive people into buying fake Apple gift cards. Some common examples of fake codes include:

  • Codes that have been previously used
  • Codes that have already expired
  • Codes that do not begin with “X” and have 16 digits
  • Codes that are sold at an unusually high discount rate
  • Codes that are received via email from an unrecognized source

Validating a Gift Card

Before buying an Apple gift card, it is important to validate it to ensure that it is authentic. You can check the validation of your card by:

  • Scratching off the label on the back of the card to reveal a code.
  • Visiting the Apple website.
  • Entering the code in the “Redeem your code or gift card” section on the website. If the code is invalid, you will receive a notification stating that it is either already redeemed or incorrect.
  • Contacting the Apple gift card fraud department if you are unsure about the validation of your card.

What to do if you Discover a Fake Code

If you suspect that you have received a fake Apple gift card code, it is important to report it to Apple. You can contact Apple gift card fraud report department directly through their website or customer support hotline for assistance.

It is also advisable to keep all records related to the purchase of the gift card, such as invoices and receipts, for future reference in case of further investigation.

Understanding the Uses of iTunes Gift Cards

Knowing the uses of iTunes gift cards can help you make informed purchases and avoid falling prey to scams.

Purchasing Apple Products and Services

iTunes gift cards can be used to purchase Apple products and services such as music, applications, videos, books, and TV shows. You can use the card to shop online at the Apple store or at an Apple retail store to purchase these items.

To use the card online, you first need to redeem the code on the back of the card.

Third-Party Merchandise

iTunes gift cards can also be used to buy merchandise, including games, movies, and music, from third-party retailers, such as Amazon and Target.

These retailers often offer Apple products and services, but be careful as there are still scams associated with third-party retailers.

Limitations on Card Usage

It is important to note that iTunes gift cards have certain limitations on usage. For instance, they cannot be used to purchase Apple products and services in countries with a different currency from that stated on the card.

Additionally, you cannot use the card to purchase Apple products and services that exceed the card’s monetary value.

iTunes Card Scams

Scammers often use iTunes gift card scams to trick people into giving them money. These scams typically work by telling the victim that they owe money, and the only way to pay it off is by using an iTunes gift card.

Always be on guard for these scams and never purchase an iTunes gift card as a means of paying off debts or back taxes.

By being cautious and knowledgeable of the uses and limitations of Apple gift cards, you can safely enjoy the convenience of gift cards while avoiding the risk of fraud and scams.

Apple Gift Card Customer Service and Contact Information

How to Reach Apple Support

If you suspect that you have fallen victim to an Apple gift card scam, the first thing you should do is contact Apple Support right away. Their representatives will provide you with the appropriate guidance and support on how to proceed with the issue.

You can reach Apple Support by visiting their website, where you can access live chat support or schedule a phone call with one of their representatives.

Reporting Scams and Suspicious Activity

If you’ve seen or experienced any suspicious activity related to an Apple gift card, including attempted scams or fraud, it’s vital to report it immediately.

Please visit Apple’s official website to report any malfunction or suspicious activity related to Apple gift card scams.

Recovering Lost or Stolen Funds

Unforeseen circumstances can sometimes result in lost or stolen funds. It can be a difficult and stressful situation for anyone to deal with, as it can lead to financial ruin if not managed properly. Fortunately, there are steps to take in the event of lost or stolen funds that help individuals recover what they have lost.

Firstly, it is important to immediately contact the financial institution where the funds were held. This could be a bank, investment firm or any other financial entity. The institution will guide you through the process of recovering the lost or stolen funds. They will likely investigate the matter for you, and put a hold on your account in order to prevent further loss or theft.

Additionally, it is important to file a report with both the police and the relevant regulatory agencies. This helps to ensure there is a record of the incident, which can be used as evidence for any future investigations or legal proceedings. The police will also investigate the matter themselves and will provide support and guidance throughout the process.

It is also recommended to seek the advice of a financial advisor or lawyer to guide you through the recovery process. They can help you understand your rights, assess what has been lost, and assist in recovering as much as possible. They can also assist in filing any necessary legal paperwork to ensure a smooth recovery.

Unfortunately, recovering lost or stolen funds resulting from Apple gift card scams is extremely difficult since gift cards are often considered a form of cash. Apple does not generally offer refunds or reimbursement for funds lost in gift card scams.

However, if you have paid with a credit card or through a bank, you should contact your card or bank company to report the scam and ask if a refund can be awarded to you.


How do the gift card scams work?

Apple gift card scams are particularly insidious because they often seem quite legit.

Scammers may pose as Apple representatives, telling potential victims that they need to buy gift cards and send the codes to complete a transaction. They may also claim that the codes will be used to purchase cryptocurrencies.

As soon as these codes are obtained by a scammer, they vanish, leaving the victim with useless gift cards and a feeling of deep frustration.

Does Apple pay refund money if scammed?

No, Apple does not offer refunds if you are scammed using Apple Pay.

However, most banks and credit card companies might refund the money that was lost to scammers. It is essential to report the scam as soon as possible to your bank/credit card company and ask for a fraud investigation to be started. Stay vigilant and aware of common scams and signs of fraud.

Do not disclose any of your payment or personal details to anyone you cannot verify, and always look out for suspicious emails, calls or messages. Educating yourself and staying alert is the best way to avoid falling prey to gift card scams.