Spreadshirt Beyond the Platform: Integrating Your Shop with Your Website

For entrepreneurs and creatives seeking to establish a distinctive brand in the bustling world of custom merchandise, Spreadshirt emerges as a powerful print-on-demand platform. It handles the production, fulfillment, and even customer service, letting you focus on designing and marketing. But what if you want to take your Spreadshirt experience a step further, extending it beyond the confines of the platform itself? That’s where website integration comes into play, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for your Spreadshirt shop.

Table of Contents:

  1. Understanding Spreadshirt Integration Options
  2. Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating the T-Shirt Designer
  3. Optimizing the Integrated T-Shirt Designer for Sales
  4. Beyond the Basics: Advanced Integration Strategies
  5. FAQ Section
  6. Conclusion

Understanding Spreadshirt Integration Options

While Spreadshirt provides a convenient all-in-one platform, operating solely within its framework can present limitations. You might find yourself craving more control over branding, a desire to guide website traffic to your own domain, or a yearning for a more personalized customer journey.

Integrating your Spreadshirt shop with your own website offers several compelling advantages:

  • Enhanced Brand Identity: Instead of sending customers to a generic Spreadshirt domain, you can seamlessly embed your shop within your own branded website, strengthening brand recognition and consistency.
  • Increased Control: Integration grants you greater control over the customer experience, allowing you to curate the product presentation, design the shopping flow, and tailor the overall feel to align with your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Direct Traffic: By embedding your shop on your website, you attract visitors directly to your domain, potentially boosting your search engine rankings and building your own web presence rather than solely relying on Spreadshirt’s platform.

Spreadshirt primarily provides two integration options:

  • Spreadshop Integration:
    • This method allows you to integrate Spreadshirt’s powerful T-Shirt Designer directly into your Spreadshop (your dedicated store on the Spreadshirt platform).
    • Customers can use this interactive tool to personalize your existing shop designs by adjusting colors, placements, and adding their own custom text. They can also explore the vast Spreadshirt Marketplace to incorporate additional designs or even upload their own images.
    • This integration offers a unique commission structure. You earn both Affiliate Commissions (20%) on sales of Marketplace or user-uploaded designs, and Volume Commissions that increase based on your total sales volume within a two-week period.
  • External Website Integration:
    • For those who want to go beyond their Spreadshop and integrate their store with external websites like Shopify or Wix, Spreadshirt offers tools like product widgets and the Spreadshirt API.
    • Product widgets provide a simple way to embed individual products or entire collections directly into your site. The Spreadshirt API offers more advanced control, allowing developers to create custom integrations and functionalities.

While this blog post will primarily focus on Spreadshop integration, we’ll touch briefly on other integration options for those seeking more advanced solutions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Integrating the T-Shirt Designer

Ready to empower your customers with creative freedom and boost your earning potential? Here’s a simple guide to integrating the T-Shirt Designer into your Spreadshop:

  1. Accessing Shop Settings: Begin by logging into your Spreadshirt account. Locate and select the “Shop Settings” for the specific Spreadshop you want to integrate with.
  2. Activating the T-Shirt Designer: Within the “Shop Settings” menu, find the “T-Shirt Designer” option. Enable the basic integration by toggling the “Activate T-Shirt Designer” switch to the “On” position. This will automatically add a “Create” toolbar to your Spreadshop’s header, inviting your customers to start personalizing!
  3. Customizing Designer Options:
  4. To further refine your integration, you can select or deselect specific checkboxes that correspond to various features:
    • Include Spreadshirt Designs: Tick this box if you want to give your customers access to the extensive library of designs available in the Spreadshirt Marketplace.
    • Allow Customers to Upload Images: Enable this option if you want your customers to have the freedom to personalize products with their own photos or designs.
    • Allow Customers to Add Text: Tick this box to equip your customers with the ability to add custom text to their creations. They can explore different fonts, styles, and colors to make their merchandise truly unique.
  5. Preview and Save: Before finalizing your changes, take a moment to preview how the integrated T-Shirt Designer will appear on your Spreadshop. Once you’re satisfied with the layout and options, simply click “Save” to apply the changes. Your shop is now ready to embrace the power of personalization!

Optimizing the Integrated T-Shirt Designer for Sales

Integrating the T-Shirt Designer is an important first step, but to truly harness its power, it’s essential to optimize its presentation and leverage it as a valuable sales tool. Here are a few tips to make the most of this integration:

  • Promote the “Create” Toolbar: Since the “Create” button is prominently displayed in your shop’s header, draw attention to it! Consider using visually engaging banner images, eye-catching announcements, or special promotions to encourage customers to explore the customization options offered by the T-Shirt Designer.
  • Showcase Customization Possibilities: Use compelling product images and detailed descriptions to vividly demonstrate the diverse range of personalization options available to your customers. Showcase examples of color adjustments, placement variations, text additions, and integrated Marketplace designs to spark their imagination and ignite their desire to create.
  • Run Contests and Promotions: To further stimulate customer engagement with the T-Shirt Designer, consider hosting exciting design contests where customers can submit their personalized creations. Additionally, offer limited-time promotions specifically on personalized products to encourage exploration and drive sales.
  • Promote User-Generated Content: Featuring designs created by your customers is a fantastic way to inspire others, build a sense of community, and showcase the power of the T-Shirt Designer. Share these unique creations on your social media channels or even create a dedicated section within your Spreadshop to highlight user-generated content.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Integration Strategies

For those seeking even greater control and customization, Spreadshirt offers advanced integration tools beyond the T-Shirt Designer:

  • Product Widgets: Spreadshirt provides easy-to-implement product widgets that allow you to seamlessly display individual products or carefully curated collections from your shop on external websites. This method is particularly helpful for integrating your Spreadshirt website with a Shopify site or a Wix website, offering a more cohesive brand experience for your customers.
  • Spreadshirt API: For developers and those with technical expertise, the Spreadshirt API opens up a world of possibilities. This powerful tool enables you to create deep integrations with your own platforms and systems, develop unique functionalities, and tailor the Spreadshirt experience to precisely meet your specific needs.

FAQ Section

  • Q1: Can I prevent customers from uploading inappropriate images?
    • A: While you can’t pre-screen uploaded images, Spreadshirt has a content policy in place to address inappropriate content. You can report any violations to Spreadshirt for review.
  • Q2: Can I set my own commission percentage for user-uploaded designs?
    • A: The Affiliate Commission for user-uploaded designs is currently fixed at 20%. However, your Volume Commission can increase based on your total sales volume.
  • Q3: Can I integrate my Spreadshirt shop with any website?
    • A: Spreadshop integration is designed specifically for your Spreadshirt storefront. If you’re looking to integrate Spreadshirt with Shopify, Wix, or other websites, you’ll need to explore product widgets or the Spreadshirt API.


Integrating the T-Shirt Designer into your Spreadshirt website is a powerful way to enhance your shop’s capabilities and attract customers seeking personalized products. By giving your customers the power to customize and create, you’re not only boosting their engagement but also opening up new revenue streams for your business. Activate the T-Shirt Designer, experiment with its features, and watch your sales soar! And if you’re ready to take your Spreadshirt integration to the next level, explore the potential of product widgets for your Spreadshirt Shopify integration or Spreadshirt Wix integration, or delve into the advanced functionalities offered by the Spreadshirt API.