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How regularly have you ever created notable paintings and imagined how cool it'd be to promote them on loads of products? Or, are you a person who's searching for the ideal custom paintings to finish the fundraising t-shirts? It does not matter what your scenario might be, be a part of hundreds of thousands of different Redbubble shoppers and dealers to both create and reap that inventive authenticity as a way to enjoy outstanding impressions.

Is Redbubble Legit? Yes, Redbubble is a legitimate market that started its business operations in the year 2006. The business enterprise has a responsive customer service team, a bendy pricing model, and a stable platform that consumers and dealers alike find greater handy than the lately created marketplaces. Redbubble has developed from a small platform to a very big platform on the web that has millions of sellers and buyers.

Given the many positive surveys in light of direct encounters, there's no question that Redbubble is the best spot to be, assuming you wish to sell custom or purchase custom expressions. We'll dive into additional insights concerning Redbubble later in this survey. Print on request is a flourishing business in internet-based commercial centers, with Redbubble being one of the stages loaded up with specialists from across the globe. The solid case is that craftsman can sell their optimal work on this online platform to purchasers with the ache to figure out self-articulation. Yet, is Redbubble genuine?

Redbubble has seen an insane increase in revenue and sales for the past 5 years and is still growing. Their growth has been off the charts.

redbubble growth chart

In the last year alone, their revenue has grown by over 40%.

redbubble growth revenue chart

Source: Redbubble Investor Presentation 2021

What is Redbubble?

In the event that you have not known about Redbubble yet, then this moment is a great opportunity for you to see what this Australian inferred organization brings to the table. Laid out in 2006 and proceeding to ascend in ubiquity, Redbubble is a print-on-request online commercial center where craftsmen across the world sell their craftsmanship on items for purchasers to plan self-articulation.

redbubble home

From Redbubble Shirts, dresses, hoodies, and even material prints, purchasers can track down their optimal fine arts from a regarded merchant and customize them into the products they need. When the request is set, Redbubble takes it from that point, transforming the purchaser's vision into a reality that appears close to home in around three weeks.

Is redbubble a legitimate and Safe Website?

Indeed, Redbubble is a genuine extravagant public web-based organization with stunning client service that expects to help in any capacity they can. The site is spotless, easy to understand, and secure. Items that are all genuine and safe are delivered to different areas across the world. Regardless of whether you run into an issue, you should contact the Redbubble group, and they will help you through it in a humanistic and expert way.

What Kinds of Products are available at Redbubble?

Redbubble gives a super style of products, and in addition, they make sure that they offer their customers top-notch, high-quality products. The quality of their printing is also much higher than many of their competitors. They offer a variety of products that you can pick from. All their categories provide hundreds of products and a couple of editions. The categories that are available on the Redbubble consist of the following categories:

  • Men's
  • Bags
  • Stickers
  • Gifts
  • Women's
  • Home Decor
  • Wall Art
  • Stationery
  • Kids & Babies
  • Device Cases
  • And so much more....
redbubble products

You can pick as numerous categories as you like and however many items you need. Your designs will be printed on all the items that you will select. It is prudent to pick different sizes of pictures for your plans for various estimated products. A plan that looks great on a shirt may not be as gorgeous on divider craftsmanship. Along these lines, consistently remember that you need to know what you want to achieve before selecting a plan.

Where Is Redbubble Located?

Redbubble has its base camp in Melbourne, Australia, and furthermore has workplaces in San Francisco and Berlin. Redbubble transporting offices are fanned out across the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

where is redbubble

Is it safe for you to buy goods on Redbubble?

Is Redbubble legit to buy from? Yes, Redbubble is a legitimate website to use for purchasing items. The company has been in business since 2006 and has a good reputation with customers. There have been some complaints about the quality of the products, but overall, customers seem to be happy with their purchases from Redbubble. It is a legitimate website and is safe to use. Artists can set their own prices for their artwork and retain the copyright to their work. Buyers can be confident that they are getting a quality product from a reputable source.

With a large number of positive audits, this shows that purchasing products from Redbubble is safe and secure. Purchasers can buy a few sorts of expressions and prints on Redbubble. These prints might incorporate material craftsmanship prints, shirts, hoodies, tights, realistic shirt dresses, and different clothes. Contingent upon your decision, you can securely make a buy on Redbubble and have the confidence of not getting misled.

Redbubble item quality is significantly evaluated between 4 to 5 stars moderately. This shows how safe the stage is and how much quality you get from buying the items publicized in the commercial center. It's also extremely simple to buy in the commercial center since you should go through the commercial center, pick your favored item, submit your request, checkout, and trust that the item will be conveyed to you.

You don't have to make a big deal about this platform being protected as the stage has set up its safety efforts that square out bots from spamming the site and taking clients' private and monetary data. This online platform has the manual human test security set up that channels bots from people and squares the bots from spamming the site along these lines guarding the site for the purchasers and the specialists.

You should observe a craftsmanship plan that you live or wish to have and add it to the truck. You will then, at that point, get an affirmation email with the information about the craftsmanship, including cost and the delivery information. After submitting your request, a customer working in association with Redbubble will get a notification to chip away at your request, and the interaction will start at that point.

redbubble checkout

After the printing is finished, the delivery begins right away. Redbubble doesn't have a time period on when your order will you since they don't keep the load of printed items. Since Redbubble is only a mediator between specialists, printers, and purchasers, the business doesn't have stock ready, so every request you make must be uniquely crafted after you put in your request, which incredibly affects when your order will be conveyed.

What is the shipping information for Redbubble?

Shipping time:

The shipping period may take 7 to 14 days on average, though some reviews show that it might take longer.

Shipping cost:

Redbubble offers two kinds of transportation: Standard or Assisted. The Facilitated transporting costs somewhat more, however you should get your request quicker. Redbubble's site says that they compute transporting given where it is delivered, and the order used to send the package. There is additionally a disclaimer that numerous things might be transported from different areas, adding to the transportation cost.

How To Track Redbubble Order?

Only a few orders do offer some tracking information for your packages. They will email you a tracking number after the 3rd party seller has printed your shipping label.

Which countries do Redbubble ship their packages to?

The delivery is accessible except for Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Sudan, Crimea, and Syria. Some transportation may not be accessible in that frame of mind because of the Pandemic.

What is the customer service review for Redbubble?

Although Redbubble flaunts excellent client support, investigating the client reviews shows an alternate picture. A few client reviews have shown a lack of satisfaction. Nevertheless, positive reviews were very many compared to negative reviews.

Very few clients were sad about the quality or condition of the things they got. Redbubble is not reluctant to give discounts and offers credit pretty unreservedly to individuals discontent with their orders. From their client's reviews, it seems like client support is challenging to contact. Many reviews express that the client finished a contact structure on the website page, and Rudbubble did not answer.

How to cancel Redbubble Order?

To drop a request with Redbubble, the client should finish up an internet-based structure and trust that Redbubble will drop the request with the outsider merchant. Redbubble then, at that point, gives a credit voucher that you can use in their store. When the thing is transported, Redbubble can't drop the request, and it should be traded or returned.

Does Redbubble have Discount/Promo Codes?

Redbubble offers a markdown when you buy numerous things all at once in a similar category. They additionally give a rebate code assuming you become a part, download their application, or allude a companion. Outsider coupon locales also offer rebate codes for Redbubble.

Redbubble Returns Policy

Redbubble want you to be happy with your purchase from them. If for any reason you're not, Redbubble accept returns on most items within 30 days of purchase.

To return an item, please contact Redbubble to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. Items must be returned in their original condition (unworn, unused, unaltered) with all tags attached.

Once we receive your return, we'll process it within 3-5 business days and send you an email confirmation. Please note that your original shipping charges are non-refundable.

What are the Payment Methods supported by Redbubble?

  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Apple Pay
  • Afterpay
  • American Express
  • Gift Card
  • Amazon Payments

The disadvantages and advantages of Redbubble


  • Unique Artwork
  • Gives support to the less-known artists
  • Has a wide range of items that you can choose from
  • Their products are inexpensive


  • Sometimes the quality is lower than it might be expected
  • Takes a long time to ship products
  • Quite difficult to get refunds even if you are not satisfied with their services.

The Working Principles of Redbubble

Redbubble is an exceptionally simple to-explore stage for print-on-request items. This stage permits purchasers to observe items at a sensible cost and ensure specialists get their installments in time. On the chase that you are a purchaser, first, you need to observe the workmanship plan that you are searching for. Then you need to add the plan to the truck and affirm the request. Then, you will get an affirmation email with the subtleties of the thing, including cost and delivery address. Presently, an outsider printing organization associated with Redbubble gets a notification to chip away at the request, and the interaction begins right away.

At the point when your request is finished, Redbubble promptly delivers the item. Nonetheless, there is no careful delivery time on Redbubble because Redbubble doesn't keep the supply of shirts, hoodies, mugs, and different items. This is on the grounds that a large portion of the orders on Redbubble are uniquely designed. As such, Redbubble keeps no load of items. Once, Redbubble starts the shipment, they pay the craftsman for the artistry you recently purchased. In case you are a craftsman, you can likewise make a record on Redbubble for nothing. When you make a record, you will actually want to transfer your craftsmanship. Redbubble will credit records each time there is an effective deal. You should have a base total of $20 in your record to make a withdrawal from Redbubble.

Redbubble is a site that associates specialists overall with purchasers searching for novel work of art items. You can peruse and buy things like dresses, stickers, and facemasks that have unique works of art imprinted on them through their site. When the things are printed, they are sent straightforwardly to the buyer's home. Redbubble flaunts great client care and quick conveyance times. Some Internet business sites guarantee an incredible item at a low cost but however end up leaving their customers disheartened.

Is Redbubble Legit For Artists?

For specialists hoping to sell their specialties on prints, Redbubble is the ideal, genuine stage for them to sell their crafts and bring in some cash for themselves. Assuming you have handcrafted, print-on-request expressions that you might want to sell online with no thought on the most proficient method to begin, then, at that point, Redbubble is the ideal stage for you to start your excursion. The commercial center qualities purchasers and craftsmanship vendors the same and matches them to show up at an arrangement and complete an exchange.

So Redbubble does not just give you a free stage to advance your inventive workmanship. Redbubble additionally guarantees that you get your installment on time for the craftsmanship you put available to be purchased. Redbubble will likewise not charge you a membership expense to make a record. To this end, most artisans prescribe this platform in the review to urge different specialists to jump on the stage and offer their specialties to willing purchasers.

redbubble sellers

Redbubble is a website where artists can upload their artwork and sell it on a variety of products, such as t-shirts, phone cases, and stickers. The website is legitimate and has a good reputation. Artists can make a decent amount of money from selling their artwork on Redbubble, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There is a lot of competition on the website, so artists need to promote their products well in order to make sales. Overall, Redbubble is a good way for artists to make money from their artwork.

Why do many experienced artists prefer Using Redbubble?

Bringing in cash from craftsmanship is a great deal of work. Making the workmanship is simply stage 1; next, you need to transform it into an item, then, at that point, you need to track down clients, and afterward, you need to sell and transport it! The vast majority of us can't or are not ready to make printed Shirts at home, and a large portion of us don't have the cash to open a high road store and utilize staff to sell those shirts. All the more critically, many of us need to invest our energy in making workmanship, NOT on all that other stuff. Most craftsmen that go to Redbubble are utilizing it since they are in a rush and have energy. Redbubble offers to deal with a wide range of various stuff, so the craftsman can focus on making workmanship.

Regardless of being a little down on Redbubble, we really do perceive there are potential gains to utilizing it. Redbubble will have your store and exhibition for you. Setting up your own site with a store would commonly cost around $20+ every month, so it's a sensible monthly saving. You just have to transfer one jpg for each piece of craftsmanship you need to sell. Redbubble will immediately put that workmanship on every one of their items with just a modest quantity of tweaking expected to make the workmanship fit appropriately. Setting up a similar measure of items on your own site would take significantly more work and time.

Redbubble will deal with quality control, overall conveyance, installment handling, printing, production, and client care, so you don't need to bother yourself much. To add to that, you can focus on making the workmanship (this could seem like no joking matter, and it is, yet I'll make sense of later in the article why Redbubble doesn't merit a lot of props for this). You can use redbubble to control your items and your overall revenue totally. You can also conclude your costs, pay a level expense to Redbubble for each item sold, and what's left is all yours.

The deals that you make on Redbubble might be latent, yet you've actually got to deal with the two hardest, most tedious, and most important advances on yourself: making the workmanship and tracking down the clients. You are rivaling the wide range of various craftsmen at the Redbubble commercial center. When you send your client to Redbubble, you are likewise sending that client to each and every other craftsman on Redbubble! There is each opportunity that they end up occupied by another person's work.

Payout and Price Policy of Redbubble

Redbubble has a simple and direct evaluating and payout strategy. Each item accessible at Redbubble has a base cost. Then, at that point, you can make your own markup for everything you sell. As a merchant, you will have many choices to set the cost of your craftsmanships. For instance, you can set a 15 percent markup on each item in your store. In addition, you can likewise set up a rate markup on a solitary classification like 15% for Divider Workmanship and 20 percent for telephone cases. Furthermore, you can likewise set a cost-based cosmetics; thus, the decision is yours. You will accept your installments once you begin selling your items. Normally, vendors accept their cash inside every installment cycle. The installment cycle begins on the fifteenth of the month and goes until the fifteenth of the next month. You can get the installment through a direct store into a financial balance or through PayPal.

redbubble sellers

Redbubble has an extremely clear pricing strategy. All the items that are accessible on this online platform have a base value that everybody can see. You can either set a rate markup and have it applied to all your categories and items. For instance, you can set a 10% markup on all the categories you offer. Furthermore, you can set a markup rate on a solitary class, like 10% for dress, 15% for telephone cases, etc.

Redbubble is free from any potential harm for both the purchasers and the vendors. In the event that you are a craftsman, you would be glad to realize that this stage is protected to sell basically the same way it is to purchase from them. When the exchange from the purchaser is finished, you will accept your installment. In addition, Redbubble has a "Report Content" button added to every item. If you see that somebody is selling your work on the stage without your assent, you can utilize the button to report. In this way, Redbubble is one of the most secure web-based stages to sell your fine art.

Assuming you have no crowd of your own, Redbubble has its own clients who peruse its site on a daily basis. In the event that you can sort out what those clients could purchase and afterward make it for them, you have a possibility of bringing in some cash. Then again, assuming you as of now make craftsmanship for yourself, now have a group of people of your own, or anticipate building one, you need to take a stab at selling your specialty on items and products.

Final Verdict

At long last, Redbubble is a legitimate stage worth for the two purchasers and craftsmen. As a matter of fact, you won't observe better web-based bargains for Print on Request benefits than Redbubble. The main negative piece of Redbubble is the transportation time. It requires bunches of investment to get an item from Redbubble. Hence, in the event that you are requesting something from Redbubble for an extraordinary event, ensure you put in the request well ahead of time!

Redbubble is an online marketplace that connects independent artists with customers who are looking for unique, custom-made products. The company offers a wide range of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, notebooks, and stickers, which are all produced on-demand after an order is placed.

Is Redbubble good quality? Redbubble is a great place to buy high-quality, affordable prints and t-shirts. The company offers a wide variety of products and a wide range of prices, making it a great place to shop for both casual and more serious art collectors. The prints are made with high-quality inks and the shirts are made from comfortable, durable materials. The company also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure you're getting your money's worth.

Is Redbubble safe? Redbubble is a safe and reputable company that has been in business since 2006. The company has a strong customer service team that is always available to help with any issues that may arise. In addition, all of the products offered by Redbubble are made with high-quality materials and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Is Redbubble reliable? Redbubble is a reliable e-commerce website that offers high-quality, custom-printed products. Ever since built-in 2006, the company has had a strong reputation for delivering quality products and excellent customer service. In addition, Redbubble is also a popular choice for many shoppers due to its competitive prices and wide range of products. Overall, shoppers can expect to find reliable products and great value when shopping at Redbubble.

Is Redbubble worth it? Redbubble is definitely worth it! The company offers high quality products at great prices. The satisfaction guarantee ensures that you're getting your money's worth.

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